Help customize properties panel

you can se below are menu that i am customize it working properly but color that i am applied not working and also custom atrr is not attached in properties panel
can you please help me with that Thanks in advance

@maxtru @Niklas_Kiefer
label: ‘Worker Bot’,
actionName: ‘replace-with-service-task-workerbot’,
className: ‘bpmn-icon-service’,
target: {
type: ‘bpmn:CallActivity’,
color:[{fill:"#00FF00", stroke:"#000000"}], //lime
customAtttr : [
{name : ‘technologyCategory’, value : ‘workerbot’, description : ‘Technology Category (RPA/Scripting/Web Service etc.)’},
{name : ‘technology’, value : ‘hybrid’, description : ‘Product Name’}//,


Please do not create new threads on the same topics as you already created. Instead, provide necessary information in the already existing thread: On select task menu color will be change

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