Guidelines for extending

We are trying to add custom changes to the Decision Table module under, can someone let me know what are the guidelines for extending

-Mallesh Nagothi

There are no specific tutorials to extend dmn-js currently, but we plan to create some documentation around this in a near future.

Basically extending dmn-js works by adding additional modules: High level steps to extend DMN Decision Table Features

If you have a specific use case, feel free to describe it accordingly and we might able to help you.

Hello Nikki,
Thanks for your quick response! We are customizing Decision Table component for the following features

  1. Customizing Decision Table Header -> Rule Facts (When and Then) and Predefined Values
    Data will be fetched from Pre-defined values (from DB) and User can enter/save new values
  2. Customizing Decision Table Rules --> Highlight active Rule (Row)
  3. Customizing Decision Table Rules --> Dynamic Fact Data while selecting a Fact Column (enter/save new values to DB)
  4. Highlight Rule Execution Path (Rules that got satisfied for given Data) in one or many connection Decision Tables

I would like to be a contributor if anyone would like to use above features. So, just wanted to make sure I follow your coding standards and guidelines for extending to make sure my contribution is considered by you and your team.


We have contributions guidelines you can refer to :+1: Also please take a look at our coding standards. We are open for contributions in any case :+1:

Yes, we are following the same guidelines and coding standards. Thank You!