Global Task size increase


I understood that increase just one task size is not desirable.
But text size is very limited, moreover when the task displays several symbols.
I suggest allowing to increase size of all tasks in the current diagram tab with a “button” like the new color paintbrush.


Would you like to be able to increase the sizes dynamically? Or pre-configured and part of your custom modeler application?

Hi Nico,

Thanks for evaluating this request too :slight_smile:

Before creating it I found this “answer” :

I agree with it (your reply :slight_smile: ). That’s why I propose to have the
possibility to increase the size of all tasks/activity in the current pool
or, and probably simpler, in the current diagram.

I think of it like selecting a size option in a menu like the new one for

I suppose adding 2 or 3 bigger size would be sufficient.

Is my description clear enough?

I have another question: if a modification is made in, is it also
“automatically” transferred in the next version Camunda Modeler (the one I
use) ?