Getting the list of drawn elements


Hey guys,
I’m fairly new to front-end development. I’m trying to make a bpmn tutorial in which users would be assigned to draw a process. I would like to be automatically check if the process is drawn correctly or not. To do this, I need to somehow see what he had drawn so far. Is there a way to get the list of elements drawn and their relationships? I was able to make the modelling tool functional in my app and want to delve deeper. If you have some working examples, that would help a lot!

Thank you very much for all your tips!


All elements are tracked in the ElementRegistry. Also the connected shapes have an incomming and outgoing array with the attached connections.


Checkout our official examples to dive deeper into what’s possible. Do not hesitate to ask, if you’re missing anything.


Thanks a lot! I am able to retrieve the list of the elements and their connections, which is awesome! But I’m missing one final piece of information. Where can I find out which elements are within which lane in the ElementRegistry? I was looking all over that object and I failed to find it. Could you point me in the right direction once more? Thanks again!