Getting error while drag and dropping .bpmn file

Hi guys,

Earlier drag and drop bpmn file was working but suddenly getting some errors like

 failed to import <bpmn:StartEvent id="StartEvent_1" />visitIfDi
 TypeError: Cannot read property 'group' of undefined(…)
 failed to import <bpmn:ServiceTask id="Task_0pz9nc4" />visitIfDi
 TypeError: Cannot read property 'group' of undefined(…)
   unhandled error in event listener
 TypeError: filter.attr is not a function

I think this may happening from file BpmnTreeWalker.js inside handleFlowElements(flowElements, context) function.

I am not getting why this is happening.

Help me guys to fixed this issue.

Please provide concrete steps to reproduce:

  • Which toolkit and variant (viewer/modeler) do you use?
  • Which version of the toolkit do you use? When did stuff break?

@nikku I am using bpmn-js-proprties-panel.
I have found issue.
The issue was in parsing process id.
Thanks for your reply