Flatpak / snap distribution for modeler + plugins


I think it would be a great idea to provide flatpak and snap packages for camunda-modeler.
I believe there are a great deal of advantages to using this approach.

Using this method of distributions should be pretty straight forward and will allow easy builds that contain the modeler and a collection of plugins.

The official build could contain only the modeler or the modeler and some plugins.
On top of the official build users can build versions with custom plugins.

This could be very useful if you have a team of developers and you wish to give them the same tool with the same plugins to work with.

Some of them are:
For developers / product owners

  • easy to build from the zip/tar.gz artifacts directly
  • similar to Docker but for
  • easy to distribute via https://flathub.org/home or https://snapcraft.io/ or via spec file
  • easy to push updates
  • secure binary distribution of artifacts

For (linux) end users:

  • easy to install via flathub or snapcraft
  • easy to update from same repositories
  • easy to build other distributions on top of the base (add plugins, translations, etc)