Fill automatically input

Im using on my angular 9 project and it work like well.
But i want to automate some things, like filling automatically the inputs on the moment when i add a task to the canvas.
Can anyone help me with any information about this?
Thans in advance.

So you want a task to be created with some default properties?

yes, i want that all task that i created, (or later i can filter them) i want to have the same properties Script.

Hi @EditAxha,

I created a modeler plugin that adds predefined and connected elements to the canvas:

As I’m not a JavaScript expert, I can’t tell that this will work in an angular 9 project as well. But it’s worth to have a look.

Hope this helps, Ingo

You can use a CommandInterceptor that will add the execution listener before an element is added to the diagram:

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      function (context) {
        console.log("elements.create", context);
        context.elements.forEach(function (element) {
          if (is(element, "bpmn:Task")) {
            const { businessObject } = element;
            const camundaScript = bpmnFactory.create("camunda:Script", {
              scriptFormat: "groovy",
              resource: "test",
              value: "test",
            const executionListener = bpmnFactory.create(
                event: "start",
                script: camundaScript,
            if (!businessObject.extensionElements) {
              const extensionElements = bpmnFactory.create(
                  values: [],
              businessObject.extensionElements = extensionElements;
              extensionElements.$parent = businessObject;

            executionListener.$parent = businessObject.extensionElements;

Thanks a lot for your help. my final code is this, it fill with scripts data the inputs.
I want to set the Executable of the process to true as default,
Can you help me with this?
Thanks a lot.

For new questions please open a new topic.

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