Facing issue while implementation of Properties-Panel-Extensions Table

I am new to bpmn. I am following the this link git for implementation and added the following code in SpellProps.js file for add table but getiing following error.

TypeError: getElements is not a function
at elements (TableEntryFactory.js:158)
at Object.get (TableEntryFactory.js:180)
at PropertiesPanel.js:1010
at arrayEach (_arrayEach.js:15)
at forEach (forEach.js:38)
at PropertiesPanel.js:1000
at arrayEach (_arrayEach.js:15)
at forEach (forEach.js:38)
at PropertiesPanel.js:994
at arrayEach (_arrayEach.js:15)

Please help me to resolve the same.


 id : 'newTable', 

 labels: [ 'Name', 'Value'],

  canBeShown: true, 

  addLabel: 'Add Entry', 

  modelProperties: [ 'key', 'value' ] 


For further assistance, please share a CodeSandbox that reproduces your issue in a way that we can inspect it.