ES2015 and beyond interest from maintainers?

From the maintainer’s perspective, is there any interest in moving the code base to utilize es2015 features? Or is the direction that a rewrite would probably just happen (3.x.x) when that hits. If so would like to help contribute.

Yes, there is general interest in doing that.

We already got respective branches called ES2015 on our projects that explore using import instead of CJS requires. On the other hand we do not plan to invest implementation resources into the topic in the near future.

Before we do the switch, we need to get answers to the following things:

  • How does it (and the necessary transpilation) effect bundling / testing?
  • How does it affect bundle sizes (should not get bigger)?
  • How does it affect performance?

If we end up with massive bundles or we cannot develop any more because test execution takes ages I’d rather stay with ES5 for now.


Is there an issue queue tracking this progress or soliciting this discussion?