Error when calling .saveXML() after upgrade to v1.3

We are currently using v0.18.4 of the modeler with some meta model extensions. When I try to upgrade to v1.3.0 I get a Cannot read property 'uri' of undefined error when calling modeler.saveXML().

I’ve prepared two simple examples that reproduces the error if somebody will be able to point me in the right direction as I’ve run out of ideas.

Both do the same thing but with different versions of the modeler (they load a diagram and call the modeler.saveXML() method). Observe that the v1.3.0 returns an error when calling modeler.saveXML().

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

It seems like you ran into an issue using a recent version of bpmn-moddle.

Please file a bug report there and attach an example diagram we can use to reproduce the issue.

Fixed in bpmn-js@1.3.2.

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