DRD Feature Request cloned/linked columns

I am often creating a DRD which needs to map a user friendly classification to a canonical classification to a system code. For example, consider an employee expense. The system code eg ‘1234’ is to be used for travel related expenses. System codes are usually generated by applications.

Thus Travel Expense is the business canonical code which uses a table to map to system code ‘1234’

An employee expense form may have a select box with lots of aliases for travel, eg Taxi Fare, Airfare, Trainfare etc etc.

Thus I used a DRD where one decision table maps the user friendly aliases (eg airfare) to the canonical business classification (eg Travel Expense). A second decision table then maps the business classification to a system code (eg Travel Expense to 1234).

Hence if I build the set of business codes to system codes, I would like to clone the input business classification column to be the output column of the linked decision table so I don’t have to perform double entry. In addition, given the tables are intrinsically linked, if I create a new row in the ‘child’ table, it would be great if potential outputs were restricted to the set of defined inputs in the corresponding ‘parent’ table.

The rationale for the linked tables is this is effectively a many to many to one structure…

Happy to provide example if this is not clear.

P.S. another useful feature would be the ability to sort/order rows based on a selected column/columns.