Draw group artifact?

How to draw dash-dotted frame for a group artifact? Following your reference document, It seems to be already implemented. But how to use. F.e., i want to group three tasks from different lanes.

Hello @frasal99,

we have something called multi select and lasso tool which do this dashed frame around the elements. What do you want to achieve with it ?


see the reference
in the section “Artifacts” the “group” element. This is mentioned to be supported in Version 7.4 but i dont know how to activate this tool. I want to draw a lasso around certain objects and after that they are surrounded with the dashed-dotted line.
Does anybody know how to proceed?
Greetings an thx alex


bpmn-js does not yet support modeling of groups, but we will add that in the future.

Here is the issue: https://github.com/bpmn-io/bpmn-js/issues/343

Concerning the docs section of 7.4 which you are referencing, the situation is as follows.

Groups do not have any execution semantics, so the yellow (=supported) indication is misleading indeed. This refers to the engine being able to deploy models that contain groups. Based on your feedback I would consider changing the docs.

I hope that helps to clarify. Otherwise, please let us know.


Thank you Robert for your clarification.

I will mark this topic as solved, but I can’t find the solved-marker anyway.

Best for the team.

Actually this topic is not solved. Even though BPMN “groups” don’t have execution semantics, they have a lot of useful use cases (attaching somewhat “more global” annotations, highlighting loose process “phases”, referring to cross-cutting, loosely coupled docs or other models, etc) and I am asked/pressed about it by quite a few prospective users in training classes (yesterday again). In general I believe you should polish and finish BPMN support in the modeler. I miss the “message” symbols attachable to message flows since a looong time. :slight_smile: They should be simple to add and are helpful for readability. All the best! Martin.


Agree with zou and I am looking forward to the implementation of group artifacts!

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