DMN-JS Rules highlighting

Good evening!!!

I am trying to extend dmn-js for rules highlighting feature (features/decision-highlight). The idea is for this feature is to receive (from the host application) a data object which will contain the rule-id and use that to highlight the required row. I created a module features/decision-highlight that contains DecisionHighlightEditorActions.js which is included as a dependency in features/decision-rule module (this is just the layout and the feature is not coded yet)

I get the following error when running the test,

ERROR: ā€˜Failed to instantiate componentā€™
ERROR: 'Error: No provider for ā€œcommandStackā€! (Resolving: editorActions -> commandStack)

I am guessing this is something to do with how i am wring this new module into the current reference treeā€¦

Here is the forked repo with my commit

Any help is greatly appreciatedā€¦

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Are you looking for something like this?
(Go to Decistion table view, enter some data and click simulate ā€”> it highlights the rows that are matched)

Yes Mallesh, something very similar to that.