Dmn-js Modeler with angular js


I am trying using dmn-js Modeler into my application. but not working.

I am getting some errors :

this is my js code:

var viewer, DmnModeler, initialTemplate;
        DmnModeler = window.DmnJS;

        initialTemplate = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?' ...'

        viewer = new DmnModeler({ container: '#body' });

        viewer.importXML(xml, function(err) {

          if (!err) {
          } else {
            console.log('something went wrong:', err);


div id=“body”


This errors i am getting :

Table.js:54 Failed to instantiate component

Table.js:55 Error: No provider for “canvas”! (Resolving: popupMenu -> canvas)
angular.js:14362 Error: No provider for “canvas”! (Resolving: popupMenu -> canvas)

can someone help me?


Are you using Bower to develop the project ?

If so, me too, the same error with DMN 0.8.x

I’ve reported it (

hi.Can anyone update on this issue.I am facing this issue in angular application


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