Dmn-js 0.7.0 import break after migration from 0.6.x

I am trying to migrate dmn-js to version 0.7.0 from 0.6.x.
I read about some breaking changes on blog because of implementation of DRD, but after I rewrote the import from lib/Modeler.js to lib/table/Modeler.js and try to import xml it is throwing:

Error: unrecognized element <decision>.

Did I miss something?

Thank you.
Best regards,
Rómeó Nagy

Hello @romero83,

yes, we’ve update the meta model to the new standard version. This means that in the xml, you have to update the namespace, such as:



Thank you, now it works.
But it means that if somebody saved his/her DMN XML with version 0.6.x then it will not work with 0.7.x version.

Do you plan to create some kind of migration util (migrate old XML to new XML) to prevent these kind of issue?

Best regards,
Rómeó Nagy

We plan to make migration easier in the future but do not have a utility in place right now.

While we are trying to be careful with this, every new 0.x version of the library may introduce breaking changes, such as the namespace update. This is in accordance with semantic versioning. Our blog posts on new library releases document breaking the breaking changes with each release.

We update the latest post on the dmn-js release with that change, too. Thanks for pointing out.

In that special case, expect no more namespace changes. We are now in accordance with the DMN 1.1 specification. Unless these guys decide to break the standard you should be fine.

@romero83 We discussed this internally and will make the next version of dmn-js backwards compatible:

  • It will read diagrams with the old namespace
  • It will save diagrams with the new namespace

Thanks again for you input and sorry for the trouble. :cake:

Thank you nikku! It is a very good news.