Disabling property on Extension tab of panel

We are using some camunda extensions properties in our project, which are crucial for normal work, and shouldn’t be editable by users. What is the right way to disable editing of some properties, while leaving others editable?

I found some examples about creating custom propertiesProvider, so I probably can delete the original Extensions tab and create my own, which would contain only user-editable fields. But it seems to be overkill.
In the PropertiesActivator I found method isPropertyEditable, which I think does what I need: Should the given property be editable for the specified element
But how to use it? Maybe there are some examples? And does it work with camunda extensions properties?

Hi @hinamiqi,

you can use element templates to make editing easier: camunda-modeler/docs/element-templates at master · camunda/camunda-modeler · GitHub

Another option is to provide the details when deploying the process into the engine: camunda-bpm-examples/process-engine-plugin/bpmn-parse-listener at master · camunda/camunda-bpm-examples · GitHub

Hope this helps, Ingo

I found that you can disable all extensions properties using PropertiesActivator:

PropertiesActivator.prototype.isPropertyEditable = function(propertyName, element, entry, group, tab) {
      if (entry.id === 'properties') return false;
      return true;

…but that will disable all properties, so if you have some which has to be editable, it will not work. Besides, you still can add new properties (with “+” button).

What we end up with is just hide Extension tab entirely and implementing our own interface for camunda properties settings. It works for us, but if your project requires adding camunda properties by user manually, you also would have to implement this into your custom interface.