Disable dragging connection arrow

How can I disable dragging of connection arrow? image


You can remove BendpointsModule from Modeler.js - this line.

Hi, I thought that bendpointsModule is for just bendig lines, not for dragging line. I want, that lines haven’t been clicking/dragging.

maybe Connection module?

but also how can I delete it?

Removing BendpointsModule prevents any sort of connection modification. Do you wish not to be able to create connections at all?

but also how can I delete it?

Just remove the BendointsModule class from the line I sent you previously so that it would not be a part of _modelingModules of Modeler.

i’m creating my modeler this way image
so maybe i can rewrite it some how?

You can use the additonalModules parameter to override the existing BendpointsModule.

Have a look at this documentation.

Can you try to pass a noop module there for BendpointsModule?

thanks for your response. After i have invetigated index.js in ./bendpoints, i have rewrite my additional module like this image and it works almost fine/

i still get this red pointer borders image , but connection arrow is now disabled. thanks.