Disable Connection Layouting / Direct Lines

How to customize line to avoid line breakers? Need only start point and end point of the line. With minimum actions.

bpmn-js uses Manhattan layout. You have to modify BpmnLayouter in order to get straight lines as it is done already for associations.

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Philipp, thx! 1/2 problem was solved. But need to switch off line breakers totally.

What do mean by line breakers?



You can disable the bendpoints feature by overriding it with an empty module.

new BpmnJS({
  additionalModules: [
    bendpoints: [ 'value', {} ],
    bendpointMove: [ 'value', {} ],
    connectionSegmentMove: [ 'value', {} ],
    bendpointSnapping: [ 'value', {} ]
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Thank you for the response. I have searched and tried

additionalModules: [
    gridSnapping: [ 'value', {} ]

but then I got this error:

Solution here: How to disable a feature?

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