Default connection adjustment

Hi.This is possible for custom connection to have behavior as same as default connection when it adjust itself automatically when the tools are being dragged from one place to another.I am attaching the screen shot for having a better understanding

Any ideas,directions in this regard is highly appreciated


You want your custom connections to be laid out only using horizontal and vertical lines? Have you had a look at how layout works in diagram-js/bpmn-js?

i have not been able to found bpmn-js under the dir of diagram-js.can you send the exact path of bpmn-js under diagram-js

@abdur91 I think @philippfromme’s answer was not about searching for a bpmn-js-module inside diagram-js. This if course does not exist since bpmn-js is built on top of diagram-js. With “diagram-js/bpmn-js” he wanted to tell you, that you have to look how the layout functionality works inside diagram-js and/or bpmn-js :slight_smile: Just in terms of enumeration.

Maybe you can have a look inside bpmn-js/BpmnLayouter and diagram-js/BaseLayouter

Have you made yourself familiar with the diagram-js and bpmn-js libraries? Please try to get a basic understanding of how these libraries work if you want to modify them.