Customizing the Property Panel from Bpmn-io

Hello guyz,

I tried integrating as is the property-panel from bpmn-io example provided here.
Property-Panel Example

But now i need to add some custom attributes in the panel and add new tab in the existing property-panel.
Please provide me some steps to start properly/ explain where i can debug from which file and so on.

Question 2:
I saw one line displaying ID in property - panel
in my js i saw this line
idProps = require(‘bpmn-js-properties-panel/lib/provider/bpmn/parts/IdProps’),

What exactly the line above is trying to say?


Hi Chandan,

please take a look at this example on how to extend the properties panel:

The idProps which are implemented here make sure, that a text field with id validation is provided. This line requires this feature. Does this answer your question?