Custom property without a prefix


I am developing my own Properties Panel in React using the example here.

Say for example, my custom.json is as below:

    "name": "custom",
    "uri": "http://custom/ns",
    "associations": [],
    "types": [
            "name": "ServiceDetails",
            "extends": ["bpmn:ServiceTask"],
            "properties": [
                    "name": "implementation",
                    "isAttr": true,
                    "type": "String"
    "prefix": "custom",
    "xml": {
        "tagAlias": "lowerCase"

The above json would create a property called custom:implementation in my Service Tasks.

But how do I create a property without prefix. In this example, I just want my property to be implementation NOT custom:implementation.

I am not sure how to achieve this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Why would you want to create the extension element without the prefix?

I am not creating a new element right. Just adding a property to the element.

Now I get this:

Instead I would like this:

Is this not doable?

Actually it’s better when you include namespaces like ‘custom’ it prevents you from being ambiguous:) In addition the implementation attribute already exist for the service task (see moddle). Do you want to use the already existing attribute or is your “new” implementation something different?

Sorry, I just used implementation as an example. It’s going to an entirely new attribute.

You cannot add a custom attribute without the prefix. Otherwise it will be assumed that the attribute belongs to the standard BPMN model and parsing the XML will fail. This is how XML works. I don’t see the problem with having the prefix.

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