Custom Properties Panel BPMN

Hi @Martin
I added custom field in properties panel but getting issue can you please look out this code.
Here is my code

What I found out is:

  • The error happens in a setState call when switching between elements
  • It is only triggered when the Spell Component returns JSX. Strings are displayed correctly

I see that you used the example for extending the properties panel.

  • Did it work without your modifications to it
  • Have you tried it outside of next-js and does the error still persist?

My assumption is that your Setup is transpiling JSX to React modules, when the properties panel uses preact. See bpmn-js-examples/webpack.config.js at master · bpmn-io/bpmn-js-examples · GitHub

Hi @Martin

If it is possible, then can you please modify my code.

This seems like a problem in your build infrastructure and not related to an issue in the properties panel or bpmn-io related project. What have you tried to resolve the issue so far?

If you have any concrete questions, we are happy to provide assistance.