Create pop-up with options when task is clicked

Usually when the task element is double clicked, it will ask us to enter name. But instead I want to display a pop-up window which shows several different options. How can I do that?


For general interaction:

Do you also want to disable label editing?

With the eventBus you can listen on a specific event (for example shape.create) which create the task element and write some logic that open the wanted pop-up. After that you could fire the event that is preventing or closing the editing process and add the wanted text.

Yes i also want to do label editing. When I click on the option in the pop-up window, that option should appear on the task.

Hello tim,

Can you provide me the code for implementing this procedure.

When I click on the task element, it should display a pop-up like:

Once an option in the pop-up is selected, that particular element along with its image should be displayed on the task element.

Can you provide any code for this?