Create custom Moddle on diagram-js

I have read through the forum and come across many examples on how to extend the Bpmn moddle with a custom meta model. But is there a guide available on how to roll out a custom model built on diagram-js rather than bpmn-js. Any guide on how to achieve this will be helpful. And ideally this custom moddle will be integrated into the diagram-js editor example as the foundation.


What problem are you trying to solve with a custom moddle? Generally, you do not need a moddle if you only use diagram-js for rendering, but it might be worth it if you want to persist your data in XML. Note that you can also use your own meta-model to store info and don’t necessarily need to commit to moddle.

You can check the moddle repo on a description on how to create a meta model: GitHub - bpmn-io/moddle: Meta-model based data structures for those who need it

It might also be worth checking out how other Libraries deal with custom moddles, such as postit-js. You can find other projects built upon diagram-js linked in the readme.

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