Create Custom Elements in digram.js

Hi everyone,

We are group of students who are trying to build a tool to model non functional requirments on top of digram.js and bpmn.js, we have been searching since aweek now for a way to do that we started by looking in the source code to see were we could start to implement our new elements but unfortanetly we couldn’t truely understand from where should we acutally start.

is it actually possiable to add mew custom Elements to digram.js?

if it is actually possiable is there a well documented page or source which could teach us how to do this step?

Best regards,

Check out this repo: GitHub - bpmn-io/bpmn-js-example-custom-elements: An example of how to support custom elements in bpmn-js while ensuring BPMN 2.0 compatibility.