Cost/Licensing Model to Support BPMNIO Customization

Hello Team,

First i want to appreciate your beautiful work of BPMN-IO framework which is provided as an open source.
Now, we need to customize these BPMN-IO framework to our desired way.

For this, is there any licensing model/cost structure from you so that we can reach out and contact.
Basically we need a kind of support where we will customize under the guidance of your team.


We do not offer any commercial support and guidance for related projects right now (August 2016).

Please ask your questions in this forum and we will try to help you on a best effort basis.


We want to develop a solution based on bpmn-js
I wonder if there is any update concerning customer support.

Best regards.

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To answer your question this time: No, there are no plans to offer customer support. The libraries are completely open source and free to customize. Feel free to ask questions in this forum, and we will try to help you.