Copy/paste wrap-up


is this example
is based on this relase

I don’t understand how should work this two-step copy with position in context.
Also, where would be the place to implement this with CTRL-C/CTRL-V events listeners?

Completely new to bpmn-js and diagram-js, any few step walkthrough would be awesome


What are you trying to do with copy & paste?

Hi @philippfromme,

Perfect would be to connect it with lasso.
I would like to achieve it by keyboard listeners i.e.
I got info what is marked with lasso (don’t know that yet, is it eventBus?) and at CTRL-Z i copy and CTRL-V paste.

For now I create ‘dummy’ Modeler and load diagram from disc space, and then get whole diagram from it and copy to other Modeler.

Would be perfect to copy parts of diagram marked with lasso.

I don’t understand your use case. Can you describe it in high-level terms?