Copy/Paste of custom allowed connections

I use your amazing modeler for modeling workflows, but I do not use BPMN as model, instead I use an own propretiary model. I integrated your modeler into an webbrowser C# component and extended the allowed BPMN connections with the help of CustomRules inherited from a Ruleprovider.

Now i face the problem, that unfortunately the Copy and Paste functionality is not working with my custom connections.

How can I pass my CustomRules to the Copy and Paste module?


Hi @rene51,

Is there any chance to give us some code regarding your CustomRules and the setup you integrate them? This will help us to understand what is happening in your case and where the bug might be caused.

I have already managed to solve the problem.
I implemented my own CustomBpmnCopyPaste and CustomBpmnRules module.

Then I additionally added a custom rule for ‘element.paste’ by creating my own CustomRules script inherited from RuleProvider and passed my custom canConnect() method.

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