Contextpad item click event


I was wondering is it possible to listen contextpad clicks via EventBus? I Have added custom element into contextpad and I am able to trigger function linked to it. The problem with this is that I cannot execute code from CustomerContextPad class due to circular dependencies.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Can you explain this in detail?

I have bpmn-js Modeler as a shared Angular component. My classes are “CustomContextPad” which is imported by customizations default class which is also imported by Angular class. Now I cannot call Angular class method from CustomContextPad due to circular dependencies. (Guide I have followed)

Now I was wondering if it’s possible to go around this problem by hooking ContextPad clicks to Eventbus

I managed to solve this using function

Mind you sharing your solution so others can benefit from it in the future? :slight_smile:

can you please post the code, how you solved using ?