Choreography Task on BPMN modeler with properties-panel module

Hi, I want to use
My aim is to add to the left panel the ChoreographyTask. After creating the “dist” folder with “grunt auto-build” on the “properties-panel” folder, I saw that in the new “index.js” file there is a “module.export” instruction with a json array inside.
On this array there is a field named “ChoreographyTask”. Is possible to make avaible the ChoreographyTask without write code that already exists?


if you want to render Choreography Tasks, you need to write additional code for it. What you probably found is a mention in the bpmn-moddle module which is based on the BPMN 2.0 meta-model. But there is no code in bpmn-js which defines how to draw such tasks.

Following the custom-elements example I can add the Choreography Task, but how can I generate the xml related to the new element?