Checkbox in bpmn Js

I want to add checkbox in bpmn js PropertiesPanel, Then check the checkbox then add TaskListener’s xml Tag in Selected UserTask but checkbox is always shows unchecked…i tried something but i can’t achieve it so share my code here plz help…

  if (is(element, 'bpmn:UserTask')) {
  id : 'dueDate',
  description : 'Apply a date you want(optional)',
  label : 'DueDate',
  modelProperty : 'dueDate',
  get: function(element, node) {
	  var bo = getBusinessObject(element);
      console.log("************* ",bo,"\n^^^^ ",bo.get('bpmn:ExtensionElements'),"\n!!!!! ");
        return {dueDate: bo.get('camunda:TaskListener')};
    set: function(element, values, node) {
           bpmnModeler.importXML(outpXML, function(err) {
bpmnModeler.invoke(function(elementRegistry, modeling) {
        var moddle = bpmnModeler.get('moddle');
        var executionListener = moddle.create('camunda:TaskListener');
	console.log('2---> ',executionListener);
	executionListener.class = 'org.activiti.MyTaskListener';
	console.log('3---> ',executionListener.class);
	executionListener.event = 'create';
	console.log('4---> ',executionListener.event);
	var extensionElements = moddle.create('bpmn:ExtensionElements',{values:[ executionListener ]});
        modeling.updateProperties(shapeName2, {extensionElements: extensionElements});


hi praveen,
can you please try this may be your issue resolve

    let isSplit = entryFactory.checkbox({
        id: 'isSplit',
        get: function(element, node) {
          var bo = getBusinessObject(element);
          return {
              'isSplit' : bo.$attrs.isSplit || false
        set: function (element, values, node) {
          let bo = getBusinessObject(element);
          let testname = values.isSplit
          return cmdHelper.updateBusinessObject(element, bo, {'isSplit': testname});
        label: translate('Split Item By Quantity'),
        modelProperty: 'isSplit'