Cant open bpmn diagramm

When opening files, it gives the following error:

" Import Error Details

unparsable content <> detected
line: 99
column: 50
nested error: illegal first char nodeName

This may have been caused by malformed input data. As a result the diagram may not render correctly. "
Приложение 2.bpmn (16.9 KB)
Приложение 1.bpmn (26.3 KB)

Hi @Mihail

You’ve special and not standard characters in xml like this:
<bpmn:participant id="Participant_0darg84" name="@>F5AA, @53;0<5=B8@>20==K9 ?> 88- (?>ABC?;5==85 8<CI5AB20 8 >BG5B=>ABL)" processRef="Process_16yld2h" />

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Thank you, can you recommend a convenient program for automatic or manual removal of invalid characters?

For start, replace content of name attribute with normal english words and change all section that include this chars