Cannot import timerEvents from BonitaBPM

I am trying to import a BPMN file from bonita, I can import timerEventDefinition (timeCycle) but cannot import its value
|This a bonita XML snippet:

<model:timerEventDefinition id="eventdef-Boundary Timer1">

I want to be able to read the value 1000L from timeCycle.

When I open it in my bpmn.js project the timer definition has no value at all. When I save back my xml is exported as follows:

<model:timerEventDefinition id="eventdef-Boundary Timer1">
   <model:timeCycle xsi:type="model:tExpression" />

I want to get something like this:

    <model:timeCycle xsi:type="bpmn2:tFormalExpression">1000</bpmn2:timeCycle>

Is there a way to do that?.


Could you please provide a minimal example file that does not work for you.


Example file MyDiagram.bpmn (5.1 KB)

When I try to import it into my project the property model:timeCycle1000L</model:timeCycle> at line 24 is not imported at all.


The problem occurs because of missing xsi:type="model:tExpression" type declaration in the exported diagram, which is required by the schema.

There are several problem with Bonita exported diagrams, that we can not do much about.

Please have a look on the following issues, that could help with Bonita exported diagrams:
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