Bug in SVG generation?


Unfortunately I cannot upload SVG files here (maybe that should be changed in the settings?). But I have a potential bug in SVG generation. This BPMN model:

EN Bestellprozess Microservices Bernd_Daniel.bpmn (40.0 KB)

was created by the camunda modeler (Eclipse), then important in Signavio and exported again. Afterwards I open it with bpmn.io which works fine - but when exporting the SVG it is broken (and looks different to the rendering in the browser). Cannot post the SVG here - but I guess that it is reproducable using the BPMN XML file.


I was not able to reproduce this problem.

This is what I did:

  • opened the bpmn file with the demo of bpmn.io
  • downloaded the svg
  • opened the svg in the browser
    (I am using Chrome)

Then the result looks good to me. Here is a screenshot:

Have you tried in Internet Explorer (11)? That’s my default viewer for SVG… That produced the screenshot I sent over yesterday…

I tested a little more and was still not able to reproduce the problem.

Tested with:

  • Chrome (latest)
  • Firefox (latest)
  • IE 11

Strange - but limited time here so I think we best skip this… I come back to you if I experience a similar problem again in another model