Bpmn packaging script

Hi ,

I am new to bpmn.io. I’m trying to integrate bpmn.io to angular but with some custom modifications in the source code.
I see ‘dist’ folder downloading directly when I specify ‘bpmn’ in package.json of my angular project.
When I modify the bpmn source and use it in my angular project it is not getting reflected since ‘dist’ getting downloaded in node_modules/bpmn-js.
I wanted to know how these dist folders are created. Can we get these grunt files or equivalent build files to utilize in my project.


Hi @ykumar,

Inside bpmn-js, you can use the npm run distro command. This will run the original build tasks.

However, I’m not completely sure what you want to achieve. Do you want to make custom modifications inside bpmn-js and then create your own bundle? Then you might have a look inside this example.