[bpmn-js-diffing] Comparing changes hides diagram from user view

I have downloaded a package from https://github.com/bpmn-io/bpmn-js-diffing to compare the changes between two bpmn files. The issue I am facing is When I select a bpmn file the diagram is hiding from user view, its not appearing at the center of the page.
A.bpmn (2.7 KB)

This the file I have selected to compare. Can you help me with this ?
Can It be fit to screen ?

Before selecting a file

After selecting the file

On dragging from left to right

Hello @KannaA,

the bpmn-js-diffing hasn’t been updated for quiet a while. If more people show interest, we could plan to update it, but at the moment it’s not in our current plans to do it.


Both diagrams are synchronized with regards to their X and Y axis. That is the expected behavior and there is nothing wrong about that.

This is out of scope for the diffing project. Feel free to fork it to suite your needs.

That’s right… But after selecting a file the loaded diagram is initially hiding from the user view ( see image 2 ). Since its hiding, user will not know whether the image is loaded or not. So it will be better if the image is loaded at the center view-able area. This is what I meant saying “Can It be fit to screen ?”.