Bpmn.io can't generate valid SVG


The application appears to no longer be able to correctly generate image (SVG) files from *.BPMN files.
The result files of the export are systematically in error and truncate.

This behavior persists for several days and on several PC to Us.

Other people have noticed this problem?
If so, have they solved it? If Yes, how ?


same like me?

What is your OS and Browser?

OS Windows 7 and 10
Browser IE - Firefox - Chrome

Thank you for your reply

Indeed an accent was a part of the problem but not that.
I also found the symbol “non-breaking space” which was generated the problem too.
a bad copy-paste of Word, I Think

For the Accents it’s not possible to put them even with ISO or HTLM encoding (example: & #233; - & eacute;)
But the symbol :slight_smile: (ISO: & # 9786;) works for him.

The treatment of characters is weird

Finally the problem is solved.

Fixed and update on our demo in a bit.

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