BMPN, how to model dependency of a sub-process task

I have a question about how to model the following process in a BPMN environment

The process is about handling orders. A part of the process is about handling order lines. Since 1 order often contains multiple order lines and handling order lines is done in parallel, I used a parallel sub-process for handling order lines.

Parallel to this sub-process there is another flow. An activity in in this flow can sometimes only be done once an activity within the sub-process for handling orders is carried for every order line. I do not know how to model this. Is it allowed to just place an arrow between the activity within the sub-process through the borders of the sub-process towards an activity outside the sub-process? I also prefer to use the model with the folded-down sub-process, so even when the issue in the previous sentence is allowed, I do not know how to model it with the sub-process folded down.

I hope there is another possibility to indicate this dependency. Does someone know this?

It looks like your question is not related to our project or one of our toolkits. For questions regarding BPMN modeling itself, please head over to the Camunda forum for assistance.

Please provide more context if you are certain this is the right place to get an answer and we may be able to help you.

Thank you :sunny: