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Hi Guys,

my first Post here. We are working with this tool for a while now and actually we figured out the handling.
For a couple of days now the renders arent working anymore (we are opening the svg with internet explorer-oldschool;) )

When using Spacebar for Textcentering or using special german letters like öäi no content will be shown in
the renders /Partially shown!




After saving and reopening the spacing and special letters are shown as
Questionsmarks inside the bpmn-viewer.

This is a completely new Behaviour and stopping all our urgent actions right now.

Maybe you have an idea.

Cheers and thx in advance,

Thanks for reaching out with your question.

We are working with this tool for a while now […]

When talking about tool you refer to

Can you provide us with the exact steps to reproduce the behavior you’re seeing?

Hi Nikku,

we tried to reproduce the error step by step.
Everything is working properly “until” the mentioned
extra spacing via spacebar or the special german voun letters (ÄÜÖ)

We are using the demo browser version at the moment…ill put the before and after projectfile to the attachment.

We also tried to load up old projects which worked before and they dont work now which is a
proper indication that maybe something went wrong on the program side.

diagram(30).bpmn (6.0 KB)
diagram(29).bpmn (6.0 KB)


We will look into the issue.

A recent demo update broke the download file encoding.

I fixed the issue with an update, to be live in a bit.

Appreciate your fast help.

Thank you!

Hi Nikku,

Is the fix for special german characters applied for the bpmn-js package as well? I installed it in one of my test application via npm but I’m getting the same scenario when exporting it to SVG. Also when I reload the previous saved diagram I’m also getting the question marks for the special characters.

I’m using the following versions:
“bpmn-js”: “^2.4.1”,
“camunda-bpmn-moddle”: “^3.0.0”,

After saving and reload:
Exported SVG (When opened in Chrome):

I’m using the below block of code for exporting it to an SVG file.
var res;
format: true
}, function (err, svg) {
if (err) {
return console.error(‘could not export diagram to svg’, err);
res = svg;

Hope you can help me with this.

Thanks and Regards,

Please do not necrobump old topics. Instead link to this thread from new topic.

Anyway, the current version of bpmn-js is 5.0.0. camunda-bpmn-moddle has also been updated several times.