Auto-open morph menu for new elements

When modelling for execution, every task needs to have a type and types of events or gateways are often changed as well. In addition people that are new to the tool have trouble finding the features hidden behind the wrench.

So why not save an extra click and immediately open the morph menu for newly created elements?

Just a thought: at the moment newly created tasks (and tasks only…) save us a click by directly entering the label editing mode… so we would have to choose which mode we want to enter, right? While my overall impression also is quite often that a few more clicks could be saved… this is dangerous territory, because “auto-suggested” stuff can become annoying, too…

I therefore also could imagine an expert mode in the sense of: If I e.g. hold the CTRL key WHILE creating a new element, I directly enter the label editing mode (for EVERY element), if I hold the ALT key WHILE creating a new element, I directly enter the wrench tool (for EVERY element).

Absolutely. That is the reason we cannot simply build something like that.

We are talking about a better getting started experience here, right? What about a 3 minute interactive tutorial that showcases the users how bpmn-js can be used? Most of the things are absolutely intuitive and easy to remember once done one time.

What about having a large palette with the frequently used intermediate events (timer, message, …) for execution modeling instead? That makes it much easier for newbies to locate these elements and speeds up experts, too. All without loss in comfort or annoyance.

The editing of the label is a valid point. How about auto-opening the menu after the label has been entered or vice versa?

Sure. That could help, too.

I am sceptic - a bit too much of automagic popup behaviour for my taste. I would rather vote for some more expert oriented mechanism which allows to create executable models faster. The large palette suggested by @nikku could e.g. be turned on/off - or there could be a palette adapted to the needs of executable pools - but just activated for pools marked to be “executable”. I do see your pain point and share the pain!