Auto layout sample/project and lanes

I’m enjoying the bpmn-moddle-auto-layout project. I am trying to work with IBM Blueworks Live exported BPMN data which (strangely) doesn’t export BPMN DI data. The auto layout project seemed perfect for taking the BPMN model and generating a BPMN data structure which contains both the BPMN model and BPMN DI.

However … if I am reading it correctly, it doesn’t appear to be cognizant of lanes. Is that correct? If so, has there been any thought of a lane sensitive version of the auto-layout? If there hasn’t, I may have to undertake an enhancement for that task and, of course, would offer it back to the project at conclusion. What would help me with that task would be the opportunity to learn the algorithm (in depth) as implemented by auto-layout. I have read the code in detail but it gets a little twisty. If I could get a grasp on the high level design of its implementation that would be a great boon.

The bpmn-moddle-auto-layout project is not actively being maintained. I’d have to study it myself to get a grasp of the overall concepts. If you want to want to contribute feel free to do so. :wink:

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