Aren't steps for Zoom level a bit high?

Hey guys.

I frequently use for screenshotting bpmn diagrams (a PNG export would be nice by the way - or at least something Powerpoint can use ( Powerpoint cannot import SVG)). During the screenshot of the day I had the problem that one zoom level was too small to be readable and the next one was too big to fit on screen. I missed basically one “zoom step” in the middle (when clicking on + and -; not sure if there some other magic I do not know).


The best zoom depends on monitor size / resolution / diagram size. As such it makes total sense to give users a bit more control about the levels.

We would need to revise them. Should not be to hard to make them a bit more fine grained.

Does zooming work better using the mouse wheel? Or do the same limitations apply for you there?


I’m working with bpmn-navigated-viewer v0.11.0 and I encountered the same problem.
I’ve solved it by making the following changes:

  • I’ve set NUM_STEPS to 100 (instead of 10)

  • in the ZoomScroll.prototype._init, I’ve incremented the divisors in the assignations:

     factor = (event.deltaMode === 0 ? 1 / 40 : 1 / 2);

    (and in the “isMac” statement also)

It would be nice to be able to configure those settings, for example passing some options at BpmnNavigatedViewer’s creation time, anyway without changing the source code.

Thank you