Add notes tab to modeler

It is possible to add Notes tab similar to XML tab to modeler ? It will be very useful if I can make a notes to all elements on the diagram. This tab can be make as FCKEditor, then you can make WSIWYG notes (e.g. bold text) - but for start it is only bold, italic and underline required to make good notes, that’s all.

Another connected future will be ability to export diagram and notes, e.g. another icon to export notes or checkbox to select option of export diagram and notes to PDF. It is very simple future that will create a table with name of the element and note about them, or it can create just heading with name and notes bellow. Export to HTML can create SVG diagram with active elements that after click on them show notes in tab bellow. That makes great tool to make analyst documentation.

I guess you give feedback on the Camunda Modeler? Please do that in the Camunda forum.

A notes tab is out of scope for the core library bpmn-js. We appreciate external contributions, i.e. for examples though.