Add new Bpmn element to the palette


I want to add new customized BPMN elements to the palette.

As example, I want to have two different task elements (bpmn:Task and bpmn:newTask) , each one with a different color (green and blue as example) in the palette.

I already see the custom elements example., but it is not what I want. I need to have the same bpmn elements with different colors in the palette and either in the modeler.

Is it possible?

Thank you in advance.


did you check out our colors example? You could get and filter all elements of a specific type (task / custom task) and add a color to it.

In the palette we are using icons from the bpmn font which are not designed to have filled color. What you could do is to define a background color for the div container of the icon. Would that be a solution?

Thank you for your response
In addition to Bpmn:Task element i want to add in the palette an other Task with propreties Bpmn:newTask so i would to have in the palette 2 task element with differente colors. how can i create Bpmn:newTask ?
Thank you in advance


maybe I misunderstood you. What do you want to achieve? Do you need BPMN tasks which have different colors (in the palette and on the canvas)?

Creating a whole new BPMN element is not the right approach, because it is already defined in the BPMN standard, which elements exist (bpmn:Task for example). I would rather go for a custom property which defines the color.