Add Label to Shapes with Javascript

Hi Everyone,

I have created a shape and I need to add a label on it. The label has to be shown inside the task. How can I do it?
my Code looks like this:

  var test = elementFactory.createBpmnElement("shape", {
        type: "bpmn:Task",
        x: 10,
        y: 10

While using the elementFactory, you can simply add a name. Please refer to this thread

Thank you very much. I tried both adding name: “a name” to my code and also the one from the thread you referred. My code is a little bit chaotic right now, but I tries it here: []. It keeps giving me error and not updating the task with the label on it. Is it still anything I am missing?

Thanks for sharing the sandbox! I don’t see the place where you set the name? Only type and the coordinates.

hope it shows now :slight_smile:

thank you!

I modified your solution a bit:

Note that the name property goes into the business object of an element. By the way, for connecting element, there is the Modeling API to make it easier.

Thank you very much. That was a great help. Besides That, is there any possibility to customize each element separately? I know about bpmnRenderer, but that will customize all the element involved. Is there any option I can add the same way that I added name , type and position , but specifically for customization like color, stroke-width, etc.?

Or should I open a new topic for this question?

Always makes sense in order to give a better explanation of what you want to achieve. As a first starting point, our custom element examples are a good starting point.

But please do not hesitate open another thread and describe your use case :+1: