Add element template to DataStoreReference

I would like to add an element template to bpmn:DataStoreReference, later on to bpmn:DataObjectReference.
I am little bit lost, where I should start. I mean, adding an element-template to a ServiceTask was easy, but now I don’t know how to add one to the DataStoreReference. For example where is the code segment which checks the template appliesTo field?

Wow, sry. It works out of box. I dont know why you state here it wont:

In the supported bpmn types these shapes are not listed. Did I overlook something?

They are subclasses of bpmn:Process right? Thats why.

How did you get it working? I was not able to set an element template for bpmn:dataObjectReference. :frowning:

Edit: never mind, I found the solution. You are right that it works, using

"appliesTo": [

I was trying bpmn:dataObjectReference before, and that didn’t work.