Actual version not in github?


i followed the instructions in github and successfully built the modeler.
After firing it up in my appserver everything works so far.

But when I compare it to the version that can be found at I realize that the web version consists of more features (Undo / Ctrl-Z, Redo …, possibility of drop a gateway on a sequence flow…)

So could you tell me where to find the actual version from in guthub?
Or is it necessary to update the version there?

Thanks for any help!
Great work!


We host the latest stable snapshot version of the modeler in our demo app. This means it can showcase not yet released features, such as the create on flow stuff you recognized.

You’d need to wait for the feature to be released or work on the bpmn-js snapshot version and bundle it yourself.

Clarification: The stuff is on GitHub, but not released yet so that the example picks it up.

Ah, I just saw the ability to switch the tag from ‘master’ to ‘v0.10.3’ which should give me the desired version.

Will rebuild everything based on that version - thanks for the help!