Accessing Model from outside

Hi All,

Is there any way to access/ update the model from outside.

I want to add Project Tree like Eclipse . That will have link to multiple .bpmn files which will open in a new tab when clicked. Model properties will be linked with the item in tree. Item from the tree can be dragged to the UserTask to update its propertes etc. Also highlighting Model element if item in Project Tree is selected.

Is there any clean mechanism to achieve this?


All parts of bpmn-js are available via scripting and JavaScript APIs.

The basic pattern to do this is:

var someService = bpmnJs.get('name-of-service');;

What did you try to make that work already? Did you checkout examples?

Hi Nikku,

Ya i have gone through all the examples.
I understood the way you are telling. This is the common mechanism to intract with the model as i see in the examples.

As far as i understand , i can also hook into the event bus to listen to the model changes.

Thanks for guidance.