Access elementTemplates in renderer


I would like to change the lookout of the shapes by selecting different templates from the properties-panel. I think it will work if I set Hidden properties with some custom property that will contain the svg.
However I have no clue how to access these element templates in my custom renderer.
I can access the element templates where I instantiate my modeler like this:


But I cannot do the same in my renderer. I even tried to inject it but thats also not working:

export default function CustomRenderer(config, eventBus, styles, pathMap, canvas, textRenderer, elementTemplates) {
  var aaa = elementTemplates.getAll();
inherits(CustomRenderer, BpmnRenderer);

CustomRenderer.$inject = [

I realized I don’t need access to the elementTemplates. I will have my template properties in the BusinessObject, but let me know if I am wrong.