About custom palette

Hi all:
I want to customize the palette and I saw the custom-element example yesterday. I have a question now,Is it possible to only customize palette (without change the modeler)? I saw the example, It shows me that how to customize palette with modeler. The thing is, I checked the custome-rule example just now, for this example, they just create rule and add rule which is easy to do. So I want to know Is it possible to only customize the palette?

I also have another question, for the ‘custome-rule example’,there has a function called ‘canConnect’ in the customRules.js, it return ‘type:custom:connection’ which was created by the author. If i change it to ‘type:bpmn:SequenceFlow’, it wont work for no reaseon.

Can someone help, Thanks!!!

Hello @DeperDevin.

Two things:

  • please back up your I saw something statements with actual links so we can follow up on the exact things you saw and not the things we may think you saw
  • consider asking only a single question per topic to keep the discussion focussed

Please update your post with links to the actual examples you are referring to.

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